we are queer and trans* families

we are queer and trans* families

honoring queer and trans ancestors

we are queer and trans*


haiku(ish) by &

for our families

   haiku(ish) because just like our families they are full of love

and not defined by any one convention. 



Dandelion Journeys

Our ancestors’ roots run deep

Queer Family holds

Creation, birth, death

Life cycle

Family by blood, chosen family


Family equals supporting

my dreams

queer by decision

because love never felt

so revolutionary

Two wives and four kids total

loving and chaos

Chosen family together

An embrace, judging

not by appearance, but

by the love we have

Your truth is all there

is to identify you

to the whole wide world

                                                          –Mom of trans son

queer & trans* fam

means always sharing Selena

because la Reyna connects

family by birth

chose revolutionary

let us make change now


Husband, wife,


organized chaos


home full of


families are love

wrap my arms around my baby

oceans, stars & moon

queer in New Mexico 

feels like water rushing in the arroyo after the first monsoon rain

stomping on dry mud crackles with bare feet

tasting summer

feels like home 

these haikus(ish) were written at Young Women United’s (YWU) Queer and Trans* Families Sharing Circle. Sister Sharing Circles are themed discussions about birthing, parenting, and birth justice and are hosted by YWU’s Luna Sagrada Collective. 

Young Women United is a community organizing and policy project by and for young women of color in New Mexico. Instead of saying any one  issue is our queer organizing–queer folks are part of all our organizing campaigns and we actively work to include queer and trans* analysis in all of our organizing and policy work.  We see family as folks we are born into; those we bring into our lives; people parenting; those who aren’t parenting; those raising the children we love- including nieces, nephews, & grandchildren; friends; mentors; those we organize with–however we define family for ourselves.

when media outlets and others put out negative images of our families and/or only define them as white, middle-class and up, it is revolutionary to hold space by and for our queer and trans* communities. we are women of color, brown, Native, indigenous, trans women of color, bois, poor, working class, mamas, papas, many genders, many family formations–we are fierce and we will represent ourselves.

Families are built by love and created and defined for themselves. Happy PRIDE!

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