We All Deserve Self-Care!

Join us at our 2nd anniversary of Sister Sharing Circles where we will be practicing Self-Care!


Sister Sharing Circles began in July 2011 as a way for Young Women United’s birth collective members to meet community members through meaningful discussions around birth and parenting, while promoting the free labor and breastfeeding support we were offering low-income women of color. Two years later, the Luna Sagrada collective now consists of 17 members offering free prenatal, labor, postpartum and breastfeeding support to low-income people of color. We’re proud to have grown our collective, expanded our services, and are hosting Sister Sharing Circles on a more regular basis- every other month.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary last year with the theme of Self-Care for Mamas. It’s fitting that we continue this theme for our 2nd year anniversary celebration taking place August 21st. Although participants are given the opportunity to pamper themselves at the event itself, it is really the discussion portion that is most meaningful. As a community, we are able to hold space for one another and offer up our own experiences and thoughts to honor one’s body, mind and spirit in healthy ways.

As women of color, it is still a challenge to practice the art of self-care. Mothers and caregivers often place the needs of their family in front of their own. However, we know that our actions are reflected in the next generation. If they see us neglecting our own bodies, this is the lesson they take with them and continue to practice as they grow older. Let us be role models for our kids by teaching them to honor, love and respect ourselves. Take time to listen to what your mind, body and spirit needs. Nourish yourself. Because if you don’t- who will?

YWU’s Luna Sagrada collective hopes that you will join us for our 2nd year anniversary to dive deeper into Self-Care, because you deserve it. Find our event on facebook and share with friends!

August 21st, 5:30-7:130

@YWU, 309 Gold Ave SW, 87102

  [author]  [author_info] Esperanza Dodge is Young Women United’s Mamas Justice Organizer and member of their Luna Sagrada collective. Stay tuned for more blogs about birth and parenting. Esperanza’s bio can be found here. [/author_info] [/author]